Gutthi Returns To Kapil Sharma’s Show

No one mentioned the much-adored ‘G’ name on The Kapil Sharma Show  this weekend when Ranbir Kapoor showed up with Anushka Sharma to  promote  his new film. But there she was, our beloved Gutthi back on air flirting  ferociously with Ranbir.

Gutthi, we thought, had died a quiet death after Kapil Sharma migrated to a rival channel and was barred legally from transposing any  of the characters from his successful comedy show to the other channel.

The return of Gutthi shocked viewers on Sunday evening.

Says a member of Kapil Sharma’s team, “It was a creative decision taken to carry forward the flirtatious rapport that Gutthi had created the last time she met Ranbir on Kapil’s show on the other channel. We made sure that Gutthi’s name was not mentioned anywhere in the show. We also avoided all of Gutthi’s trademark mannerisms and eccentricities. But yes, Sunil Grover was dressed as Gutthi.And audiences loved it.”

Officially, though. That wasn’t Gutthi we saw on the show on Sunday.

“It was just someone who looked like Gutthi. Did you hear anyone call her Gutthi?” says Sunil Grover with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

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