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Hansal Mehta: “Everything In Steven Soderbergh’s Film Has Come True”



In  2011 Steven Soderbergh’s film Contagion warned  us  of  a deadly global virus.Hansal Mehta who  is currently infected by  that virus says, “We were warned. Contagion was  a film based  on rigorous research .  It was  not  just a film. It was  a warning for what  was to come. No one took it seriously. They  thought it was just  another disaster-survival drama that Hollywood specializes in.”Hansal is  gradually recovering from the virus. “It is  my fifth day. I have my  off and  on moments. At times I feel  I am  completely  okay. So I pace the room,open the  window  look out  for a while. But then I  get so tired I   fall into a deep sleep. I sleep throughout the day, so  I  am unable to sleep in the  night. I watch  a lot of  films.” The good news is that Hansal’s wife and son  have tested  negative for Covid.  Hansal’s son Pallava who suffers from Downs Syndrome  had  to be  be hospitalized . By chance, Hansal’s faithful  driver Krishna   also had to be  hospitalized . “So Pallava didn’t have to be  alone. I’d say that was  providential. The  worst thing  about this Covid  virus is that when it gets you, you are on  your own. The  thought of my son Pallava  being alone in  the hospital  scared the  hell out of me.”About how how  the family got infected Hansal says,  “I was  with my family in Lonavla when I felt uneasy. I told my wife we  should  head back to Mumbai  and get ourselves tested. That’s how  we came  to know that  my wife, daughter, son  were all  infected.It’s a horrible  time  for everyone.Let’s  hope  and pray it will end soon.”
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