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Happy Birthday, Janhvi  Kapoor



janhvi kapoor

There  is  nothing that  Janhvi likes  better than to work on her birthday.  “I’m lucky to be working at a time when  there’s so much  unemployment  in  the  film industry. I don’t think there is any better way to bring  in  your  birthday than  to  be working  on  that day.”

Any birthday wishes? “I want  an  icrecream cake  for my birthday.I’ve told  my director(Siddharth Sengupta).”

Janhvi’s childlike innocence simplicity  are so like  her  mother  . Tell  her this and  she  replies softly,  “Sir,I am nowhere close to  what  she  was. I want  to  feel that she’s watching over me, feeling pleased. I do  know I can never be like her. You know  better than  anyone else that no one can do what she could. I’d just be happy to  select the  right roles and do them my way. I’d never dream  of  trying to do it her way.

Does Janhvi see any similarity between she and her  mother? “Apart  from the genes,I am a switch-on-switch-off actress like my mother . During the shooting of  Gunjan Saxena and  Roohi  I realized  I am my best in the first take. My director would say  ,you  do  what you have  to  and then just blank yourself out in subsequent takes. Yeh lo!  Maine  apne  hi ko first-take  actress bol diya.”

Janhvi is   happy about her  next release. “I am  glad Roohi is my next film . It gives me a  chance to  go into  a  completely different zone as compared with Dhadak, Gunjan  Saxena and Ghost Stories. I  am enjoying the  process  of  discovery.”

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