Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif: Guys, Give Katrina Some Space!

Dear Media Friends,

We all have a job to do, space in the papers, on websites and in our hearts and bellies to fill. In the quest of news we tend to cross the line unheedful of how far we invade/violate/compromise a star’s private space.

Katrina Kaif is going through the most difficult phase of her life. Okay, let me not beat around the bush. The world that she tried to build for herself has collapsed.The least she deserves is a chance to mourn the death of her love in peace. Alas ,media pressures are not allowing her to shed tears in peace.

No, I am not making a melodramatic pitch  to portray Katrina as a weeping martyr.The truth is, the 24/7 media vigilance puts untold pressures on a celebrity’s right to  deal with a crisis in a particular way. What we need to do is to  let her find her way out of the current emotional crisis. I  know how much this relationship meant to Katrina. She gave it her ‘all’ nurtured it with a complete surrender to the  exigencies of love.

When friends(and I’d like to think they included me) warned her about  putting too much trust in that one emotion called love she would laugh in their face and make fun of  the idea that she may be hurt badly in the relationship.

“Oh poor little me!” she had poked goodnatured fun at my concern for her future.

Today I realize that mocking laughter secreted a genuine fear of betrayal. She laughed at the concerns expressed about her future in the same way that we whistle or sing in dark.

Knowing how uncertain the future was, Katrina plunged into a do-or-die relationship. It finally died.   But it didn’t kill her.It has made her stronger.

Today when she is trying to rebuild her life the least she deserves  is the space to re-construct her demolished hopes. Guys, let’s give her that space. She’s hurting. She needs to heal in peace.

Let’s give her that dignity to grieve and regain strength .


Subhash K Jha

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