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Harshvardhan’s Apology To Dosanjh On Dad Anil Kapoor’s Behest

Harshvardhan Kapoor’s tirade against Filmfare awards ended in a whimper with the young impulsive actor apologizing to Diljit Dosanjh .

Sources say the apology came at Harshvardhan’s father’s  behest.

“Anil Kapoor has always been non-controversial and friendly to everyone in the industry. His son’s outburst against Dosanjh embarrassed Anil deeply, specially at this time whenAnil is playing a Sardarji in  Mubaraka. Anil feared a backlash from the Sikh community and quickly asked his son to apologize to Dosanjh,” says a source.

A  close relative of  the Kapoor family says, “Harshvardhan is young and impulsive. He will learn to be more diplomatic with time. Right now he feels he is entitled to speak his mind even if it embarrasses his father.”


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