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Harvey Weinstein Guilty Of Rape, Bollywood Reacts



Harvey Weinstein Guilty Of Rape, Bollywood Reacts 12

Harvey Weinstein has been find Guilty  Of Rape, Check out the Bollywood Reaction

Tapsee Pannu: Finally! Better late than never. I hope it’s a beginning of many others who are held accountable.As for the MeToo offenders in  Bollywood, I am the wrong person to answer that. Only the ones in authority can.But I can only hope and wish it happens asap.”

Swara Bhaskara: “I’d say it’s a victory for the victims and kudos to the judicial system that did a thorough investigation and brought  Harvey  Weinstein  to justice. The stories of so many victims who are often questioned and shamed stand vindicated.Also kudos to the journalists who meticulously verified the accounts and built a strong verified story before publishing it.”

Tanushree  Dutta“Great move on part of the United States judiciary  to bring a Harvey  Weinstein , notorious perpetrator to justice in a landmark verdict.Just proves that when it comes to law and order and safety of women India needs to catch up with the US on speedy justice.While Nirbhaya case of 2012 still awaits justice from her grave, Harvey Weinstein has got his comeuppance  in the most powerful  way.I applaud the US department of justice for this victory against sexual misconduct.A new era is dawning where karma will come and bite you sooner than expected.Heaven and hell are right here on earth!! Choose your actions wisely ,folks.”

Celina  Jaitley:  “Chalo at least one devil got his due, in India #MeToo seems to have been long forgotten.”

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