Has Bharat Ane Nenu Producer Pissed Off Mahesh Babu?

In spite of delivering one of the biggest hits in recent times in Telugu cinema, producer D V V Danayya and his film’s leading man Mahesh Babu are not on the same page regarding the film’s success.

If reliable sources are to be believed, Mahesh Babu is not at all happy with the way the success of Bharat Ane Nenu is being downplayed . Shockingly , sources claim the producer is even underplaying the film’s boxoffice earnings to suit his own purposes.

Elaborates the source, “DVV wants to play up the success of his other recent production Rangasthalam, the supershit starring Ramcharan Teja, since he’s very close to Chiranjeevi and his son Ramcharan Teja. But because Mahesh Babu prefers to stay away from the fierce political atmosphere of the Telugu film industry the success if Bharat Ane Nenu is being underplayed completely.”

When I spoke to a leading actor about the ‘Bharat Ane Nenu Versus Rangasthalam’ boxoffice battle he said, “Both the films are big big hits. But the producer prefers to play up the success of Rangasthalam because he wants to be in the good books of Ramcharan Teja. You see, Ram is also doing DVV’s next film being directed by Boyapati. He needs to keep his hero happy.He belongs to the Chiranjeevi-Ramcharan camp.”

Resultantly , though Bharat Ane Nenu has made profits close to Rs 20 crore—a record for the Telugu film industry– and although the producer has never made more profits on any of his other films he prefers to play up the success of Rangasthalam.

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