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Has Varun Dhawan Actually Received  Rs 35 Cr For His Dance Film With T Series?



Bhushan Kumar of T  Series is all set to  produce India’s most expensive  dance  film featuring two of Bollywood’s best dancersVarun Dhawan and  Katrina Kaif.

 A  report recently claimed Varun is being paid Rs 35 crores  for  doing the film. However sources  close  to the financial dynamics of  the project pooh-pooh the idea as overblown speculation. “This  is someone’s idea of celebrating Varun Dhawan’s superstardomwithout consulting him. No doubt he’a a  huge star. But not huge enough to be  paid the money you’ve heard (Rs 35 crores).”

 When coaxed  to reveal the  actual remuneration the source says, “It’s substantially less than Rs 35. Closer to  15-20 crores.”

 The  report also  claims that Katrina  Kaif has been paid comparatively  less.

The source doesn’t deny  the  veracity of the leading lady’s  fee amount. “Katrina  has of course been given a  lot less than Varun. It’s always that way(when it comes to the disparity in  the  fee between the male and female  actor). Sadly heroines no matter how  big they are do not draw the  audience  in. People flocked  to Padmaavat for Sanjay Bhansali, not Deepika Padukone. The dance film will have Varun and Katrina in equal roles. But it’s Varun who will determine the  film’s boxoffice fate. Sad  but true.”

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