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Haseen Dillruba: 5 Reasons Why It Will Shock You!



Haseen Dillruba

 Haseen Dillruba release, Subhash K Jha Lists 5 Reasons Why It Will Shock You

1.     A  heroine   like  never before. Taapsee Pannu’s Rani Saxena is  a wanton woman  who refuses  to be slut-shamed  when a lack of emotional  and physical satisfaction with her husband drives  her into  a  torrid  affair with her husband’s cousin.  Just a month after their marriage!!! Who has an extra-marital affair so soon  after marriage, and that too with her  husband’s cousin. Rani  Saxena of course!

2.     Taapsee Pannu’s Rani Saxena  will remind  you  of  Sanya Malhotra’s Sandhya Giri  in Pagglait. Both smalltowners seem  to feel nothing for their newly-married husband and are attracted to another male member  of  the family. Farq itna hai  , Sandhya doesn’t take  the  plunge into an exta-marital  affair. Rani plunges right into the  amorous adventure headlong and is ready to elope with her  husband’s cousin.

3.     Harshvardhan Rane  plays the ‘Body’ for the second time in a  row. In Bejoy Nambiar’s Taish he was  the bare-chested bait ,tempting  Sanjeeda Sheikh away from  her husband  Abhimanyu Singh. Here in Haseen Dillruba   he  seduces  his  cousin’s newly married wife without a apology.

4.     Taapsee Pannu’  Rani  is not a repentant  wife after the extra-marital affair. She  goes up to her husband and confesses  about the  fling while he feeds  on  the mutton curry that she prepared  for her  lover. Husband  Vikrant Massey doesn’t choke  on  the mutton bone. Life isn’t that easy  on  anyone in this  film.


5.     This is  by far  the most slutty character Taapsee Pannu has played. In Director  Vinil Mathews’s  first film  Hansee Toh Phasee Parineeti Chopra  was  weird but certainly not wanton.  The most shocking thing Parineeti  did  in Hansee  Toh Phasee was pee in her pants. Taapsee Pannu  in Haseen Dillruba is not the wife  you would want for yourself  even if she comes with a hefty dowry(which Rani doesn’t).Trust me on that.

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