Heads To Roll In The CBFC Soon

Sources in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting reveal that a “drastic overhauling” of the Censor Board  Of Film Certification(CBFC) is soon on the cards.

Apparently Pahlaj Nihalani , the chairperson of the CBFC has  written a strongly worded letter to the I &B minister regarding the conduct of some of the members of the CBFC who insist on speaking against CBFC policies on news channels and to the media in general.

Says a well-informed I & B source,  “The Ministry has taken serious note of Mr Nihalani’s  complaint against some members who break official guidelines by criticizing the CBFC’s policy decisions on the media. These members have been repeatedly warned but continue to lash out at CBFC  policies.”

The source informs that the complaint against rebellious elements in the CBFC was noted by the I &B ministry even when Mr Arun Jaitley was the minister for Information & Broadcasting.

“But now  stern action will be taken against CBFC members who insist on using media platforms to criticize internal decisions rather than discussing these problems with the CBFC chairperson or the Ministry,” says the source.


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