Hema Malini: “70 Is Just A Number,”No Celebration For The Dream Girl

Indian cinema’s inhouse  Dream Girl Hema Malini turned 70  on October 16.

 She’s unfazed by age.  “40, 60, 70…It’s all a number. When I turned 40 I thought I had reached a  turning-point in my life. But  I continued doing the same  things after 40 that I did before  40. For me  my constituency, dance and my family are of  utmost  importance. Baqi sab kuch aata-jataa rahega(the rest comes and goes).”

Speaking  of family, Hema Malini was  without her better-half this  birthday. “Dharamji is in San Francisco visiting his daughter. But I am never alone. I’ve my daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren. So no dearth  of  company for me.”

Hemaji is in no mood for  celebrations, though.

“Look at how much is wrong in  our country.There are  so  many issues to be addressed.We can’t turn a blind eye  to these  problems and  pretend  to be happy,” says Hema pensively.

She  gives  priority to safety of women  in  the country. “Whether  it is in the entertainment  industry or any workplace  a woman should feel safe  and  comfortable while working.”

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