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Hema Malini Hands Over Her Crown To Deepika Padukone



It’s official, Well,almost. Indian cinema’s undisputed Dream Girl Hema Malini has handed over her crown to a new successor.

And it’s none other than Deepika Padukone.

Says the Dream Girl, “She is no doubt extraordinarily beautiful.And she is the doing the roles that I’d have liked to do 15-20 years ago like Sanjay Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat. I see myself in those parts.Also, she is as beautiful inside as outside. We had called as chief guest for the release of my biography.She accepted without a moment’s hesitation.”

While I agree with Hemaji on Deepika’s beauty one cannot compare it with the original Dream Girl’s incandescence.

Hemaji disagrees, “Was I really beautiful? I don’t know. I never allowed myself to feel like anything special.My mother was there to make sure I remained grounded. I see the same down-to-earth quality in Deepika. She has a long and fruitful career ahead.Marriage made no difference to my career.It won’t make any difference to hers.”

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