Here’s Why Hrithik Will Fight Kangana Until The Truth Comes Out


Those who know Hrithik Roshan would know he’s a bit of an idealist. It therefore comes as no surprise to know that he won’t end his conflict with actress Kangana Ranaut until proven absolutely innocent.

And it’s not because Hrithik wants to come out looking like a hero in this sordid controversy.

It’s something else.

Says a very close friend of Hrithik, “He is no longer fighting for himself. Hrithik’s  war is against gender prejudice that’s prevalent in modern societies the worldover. Whenever there is a dispute of a sexual nature between a man and a woman it is automatically assumed that the man is in the wrong. When it comes to sex a woman can do no wrong. Why? Because of her gender. Hrithik’s own plight has made him realize what happens to hundreds and thousands  of men who are falsely implicated in molestation and dowry cases by vengeful women. Hrithik feels like one of them.”

The close friend insists Hrithik had absolutely nothing to do with Kangana beyond the work space they shared during Krissh.

Says a  friend, “They met a couple of times socially ,that’s it. The 7-year affair and engagement in Paris that  has been written about is totally fabricated. Let her come out in public and say that she had a relationship with Hrithik for seven years, seven days, seven hours or even seven minutes…The truth will come out.”

The entire experience has shaken up Hrithik to the core. “He feels it’s not just the laws of the land that are weighed heavily in favour of women, it’s also the mindset. Hrithik is appalled at how everyone accepted there was something between him and Kangana when there was not a shred of evidence to support this theory.Is there even one picture, one email, one phone call or message to support the theory of an affair?If there is, why hasn’t the other party come out with it?”

According to star’s close family and friends he is now getting ready to fight the larger legal battle.

“Hrithik intends to not only expose the lie about the alleged liaison, he also wants to open a debate on all cases where women accuse men of crimes. All a woman has to do is say that a man has wronged her and  the man is in jail regardless off his innocence or culpability. It is this legal and moral ideology that Hrithik wants to fight now,” says the friend.

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