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Here’s Why Madhubala’s Bio-Pic Would Join Kishore Kumar As Never To Be Made



 Both  legends beyond  all definition, Kishore Kumar and Madhubala , once married, are now joined  together  in an unexpected way.

The bio-pics on their lives are stuck due to the  intervention of   their respective  families. Anurag Basu had been trying  to  make the Kishore Kumar bio-pic for four years. Ranbir Kapoor was  to  play Kishore  Kumar.  But the  iconic singer’s son Amit Kumar had  other plans. He  wouldn’t allow  a  film on his father to be made  without his consent on every matter.

Finally, Basu gave up in exasperation. Now it is   Imtiaz Ali’s turn to feel the full impact of  familiar  intervention. His proposed  bio-pic  on Madhubala, approved by  one of  the  deceased star’s   sister has just been legally halted by  another sister.

So where  does  Imtiaz  go from here with his dream  project?  Chances are, nowhere.

A  source  in the  know  says  it’s a no-win situation. “You can’t make  a film on any  well-known figure without  extraneous interference  in this  country. The  only option at Imtiaz’s disposal  is  to  fictionalize  the  screenplay  and  leave  out  all references  to Madhubala.”

But that’s another  story.

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