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Here’s Why Ranbir Kapoor Is Not Staying Home With His Mom



Here’s Why Ranbir Kapoor Is Not Staying Home With His Mom 10

Trolls and  other self appointed custodians of celebrities’  morals have expressed   a  collective outrage  at seeing Ranbir Kapoor staying  in his own  apartment  after his father Rishi Kapoor’s death. They argue he should have stayed with his  mom to give  her solace  and  company.

But a  close friend  of  the family clears  the air. “Has it occurred  to these outraged  souls  that  Neetuji  may perhaps have asked  to be  left alone? She is a very strong woman .She doesn’t need  her son’s  company  to confront her  grief.”

One hears Ranbir offered to  stay home with his  mother.But she preferred to  be on her own. However it isn’t true   that Ranbir has moved in   with  Alia.

“He  has  his own place.After  his dad’s demise Ranbir  is  doing a  lot  of  introspection. He  hardly speaks  to his close  friends. He wants  to  be left alone,” says  a  friend of  the family.

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