Here’s Why This Superstar Is Quiet About #MeToo

By Devyani Chaubal 

 He  is  the undisputed Sultan  of  the  boxoffice, The most beloved superstar with a clean  image on  screen  : he doesn’t ever kiss his heroines for the camera!

 But when it comes  to his real life, this Superstar has a helluva reckless reputation of  a ill-tempered  lover who  has on many occasions raised his hands  on  his girlfriends, sometimes publicly.

 In fact one of  the Superstar’s girlfriend who is  very close to this writer has revealed graphic details of the Superstar’s violent temper and its ugly manifestations. This superstar  is known  to taunt heckle tease  his  heroines during film promotions.None of the ladies minds this  behaviour. The same behaviour would qualify as harassment in a  lesser star.
Is it any wonder, then, that  that this Swaggering Portrait  Of Machismo is  eerily silent over the MeToo issue? In fact the Superstar’s father—who is  the  only person this impetuous Screen  God listens  to– has  forbidden  him from speaking  up on this matter . Dad has reminded Superstar Son of all the  women that are likely to come forward  if  he, the  celluloid idol, proclaims a righteous solidarity with the wronged women in  the MeToo movement.

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