Hiten Tejwani After Being Evicted From Bigg Boss 11: “I Am In Shock”


Just weeks   from  the big win Hiten Tejwani , considered  by many to be  the  most dignified contestant this season, was  evicted  from Bigg Boss this week .

Speaking immediately after  the eviction Hiten said he had yet to recover from the experience. “It’s been a disorienting experience. I  was away from everyone who mattered to me, completely cut off from normal  life  locked away with these 18 different  people whom I had never met. It’s an experience I  wouldn’t like  to repeat in a  hurry.”

 Hiten says the reality of being out of “reality television” is yet to sink in.  “There is nothing real about what goes  inside there(the  Bigg Bosshouse).Everybody is constantly  acting since there are cameras  everywhere. I agree with  you when you say  this is is one of the most ill-behaved group of  Bigg Boss contestants .But  who am I  to  be judgmental?”

 Hiten  says it was difficult to keep his dignity intact. “My selfrespectwas constantly attacked and I had  to constantly remind myself to retain my dignified. Almost everybody was on their worst behaviour. I was determined  not to become  like them. No matter what  it took I had to remain myself.”

To his shock Bigg Boss inmates whom  Hiten thought to be  friends turned against  him.  “I  was finally left with one friend only, and that’s Vikas Gupta. He stood by  me  right till the  end.Yes, Vikas was  loyal to me. While the others who pretended to be  my friends betrayed me.”

So Vikas is Hiten’s choice  for  victory. “Ideally I’d have liked to win… who wouldn’t? I worked hard  to  remain myself because I’d have never been able to look myself  in the mirror if I started behaving differently just for the camera. I though my honest approach  was  being appreciated. When I was evicted I  couldn’t believe  it. Now that I’m out I’d like Vikas to win.I’d most certainly not be happy ifHina Khan or Shilpa Shinde won.”

 Hiten says he is yet to come to terms with his experience. “I went intoBigg Boss because I wanted to experience what  it was like. It was more disorienting than  I had bargained for. I began to forget the names  of  people in my life. It got scary. Every morning I’d be woken up with the sound  of that pounding music. I don’t think I want to hear  those songs ever again in my life. Nor do I ever want  to wake up to the sound of music,”

His happiest moment? “When  my wife Gauri visited the Bigg BossHouse. I can’t tell you how  overjoyed I was  to see her. The level of isolation in that house hit me hard when I saw here there. I had been away from her for shootings. But we were always  in touch. There was always the cellphone. Here  for  the  first time I  was on my own with a house full of strangers.It was  a  life-changing experience.”

 Hiten says he wouldn’t like to go through the experience again.  “It has exhausted me. Now I can’t think of anything except a long holiday.Only then will I think  of what I want to do next.”

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