Homophobic Censor Board? No Way,Says Nihalani

A hue and cry was raised over a newly-released gay music video entitled Miss You by Sharif Ragnekar. It shows two men in love, loving fighting separating and missing each other.

Normal stuff.

But the censor board in all its wisdom, decided to grant the music video an ‘A’ certificate.

Thereby raising the question,is the censor board homophobic?

“Not at all,” protests censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani. “We’ve no problem or concern with the gender of two people in love , as long as they conduct themselves within the guidelines that have been provided to us.”

It is believed that the censor board clamped down on same-sex scenes in Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh and Pan Nalin’s Angry Indian Goddesses.

Nihalani protests against the protesters. “

Not cuts are  made on the basis of

the gender of the people involved. We evaluate films with homosexual content by the same yardstick as films about heterosexual content.”

Regarding the music video under scrutiny Pahlaj says, “We cleared the music video Miss You more than a fortnight ago with an ‘A’ certificate and one cut. Why the hue and cry now? I am afraid  filmmakers will have to find others way getting noticed . Blaming the censor board to draw attention to your work just won’t work.”

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