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Hotstar-Disney Rents Ramoji Film City For 3 Years



Hotstar-Disney Rents Ramoji Film City For 3 Years 10

For those film crews  in Bollywood contemplating a  move  to  Hyderabad’s  sprawling Ramoji film city , there is  some disappointing  news.

Apparently the affluent  Hotstar-Disney organization,  has rented the entire Ramoji film city  for  the next three years thereby putting an unofficial embargo  on any other  film unit desirous  of shooting  at  the  vast premise, said to be the world’s largest  film city.

Star and Hotstar were  acquired by   the Disney label in  2019. The merger makes  Hotstar one of the most powerful OTT creators in the Asian subcontinent.

 By  reserving  India’s biggest film city  for three years Hotstar intends to ensure  an advantageous   venue for manufacturing an incessant  flow of  content for consumption  in these parts. No wonder  the  movie theatre business seems noticeably threatened by  the  resources and reach of the  digital manufacturers.

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