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Housemates fight it out to get an extra edge during nominations



  • With the finale soon approaching and only the last nominations left to decide the fate of the contestants, the housemates are all geared up for the challenges that are going to come their way
  • Bigg Boss introduces a new task that will give the contestant one last chance to save themselves by getting a benefit during nominations
  • The housemates are divided into two teams- Team Manu- Manveer, Lopa, Manu and Team Rohan-Mona, Bani, Rohan
  • Team Manu are tied by a bungee cord and are asked to put their hands on a red circle and survive for the longest time
  • Team Manu has to make sure that maximum number of members survive during the task without lifting their hands off the mark
  • If they successfully do so, they will get a special power to save themselves from the next nomination
  • Team Rohan have to distract Team Manu and get them to take their hands off the red mark
  • They do so by putting, ice cold water, ice cubes, oil, sawdust etc on them


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