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How Did Karan Johar’s Sex Comedy Get A “UA” Certificate?



It seems the always-controversial Central  Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) has a whole lot of  explaining to do  about how  the new Karan  Johar  production Good Newzz about two  couples desperately copulating for procreation, was  given a  ‘UA’ certificate . 

This means children under 12 can experience Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s spousal sex talk .

An irate  producer who wishes to go unnamed says, “This is  preferential treatment. If our production house had produced this  film  there would have been  a number of cuts , and I’d have  got an ‘A’ certificate. That, I think is  the  right thing to do for a  film about  sexual  problems  and  pregnancy.”

Diljit Dosanjh who plays  one-half of a couple desperate  to have a  baby defends  the film’s content. “I don’t think children should be  kept away from this film. Every child knows  how children are born. Gone are  the days when  two flowers touching each  other  meant  intimacy. If we  show that now, audiences will laugh at us, and  the  kids will laugh the loudest.There is  no vulgar dialogue, no double meaning in Good Newzz.”

However  the feeling that the  bigger more powerful production houses get a more lenient  treatment  persists. 

I did try to get the CBFC  chairperson Prasoon Joshi to comment on the  ‘UA’ certification  of Good Newzz. But he remained unavailable for comment.

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