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How did Sunny Leone Reach LA?



Sunny Leone

How did  Sunny Leone  and  her family reach   Los Angeles? Last we checked in mid-April   Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber   were   in  their  highrise  apartment  in Mumbai  trying their best  to cope with three clamouring children  .

Now suddenly out of nowhere we see  Sunny beaming from  Los Angeles  about whisking her children  to safety from the virus.

First  of  all, we fail to understand how LA is safer than Mumbai. There are   a large  number of  Corona infected in LA, much larger than Mumbai.And even if the  infection and casualty rate  were lower in  LA as compared with  Mumbai, why  would she  risk travelling  so far with three young children in these traumatic times  of  contagion?

More importantly with flights completely cancelled everywhere  how did  Ms Leone and family fly out of  India?   In these highly contagious  times when  all of us  a forced to be locked away in our homes without permission to step out for  a breath  of fresh  air,   is it safe  to assume that the  rich and  the privileged can arrange  anything they  want, as  long  as  they are able to pay for it?

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