How Much Did Shraddha Kapoor Charge For Saaho?

There are reports doing  the rounds  that Shraddha  Kapoor has received  Rs 7 crores for her  ‘august’ presence  in Saaho.

Wrong !Sources closely attached  to the project can’t stop laughing.

“This is  only her publicity machinery at work. An  impression is being created in Bollywood that  she has been paid  a certain amount in Tollywood to  increase her fee in  Bollywood.She can go back say, ‘Look I  got much inAndhra.’  The truth is, she has been  paid a far less amount,” says the source, adding that  Katrina  Kaif who was  the first  choice for Saaho asked for  much less and was  turned down.

“The  Saaho makers couldn’t  afford to pay Katrina  5 crores. That’s what she asked for. The budget for hiring heroines in Telugu cinema  is a lot less  as compared with Bollywood. These  girls from Mumbai  who work in Telugu cinema  work for much less money in the South than what they command   in  Mumbai. To  spread the rumour that Shraddha  got Rs 7 crores for Saaho  is damaging for both the  South and  Bollywood film industries,” says  the source.

So how much did Shradha Kapoor actually get for Saaho?

“Close to 3 crores,” says  the  informed source.

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