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How Much Fee  Did The Kalki Leads Get? Details Revealed, Actors Paid For Sequel Too




The shocking truth about star fees:they refuse to fall in spite of  bringing producers  like Vashu Bhagnani to near insolvency.

Nearer  to the point, the  other  shocking truth  about  star salaries: Kamal Haasan  was paid almost three times more than Amitabh Bachchan in Kalki.

  As the  boxoffice figures of  Kalki 2898 AD  show an upward  swing, the exact  budget  including the  stars’ remuneration  has been revealed to  this writer by a source  which doesn’t want to be named.

So what exactly is  the  budget  of  Kalki?

“It is 600 crores. Not 800 , as rumoured. The entire project took  Rs 600 crores to  complete.  Out of this, a  major fraction went into star remuneration.  Both Prabhas and Kamal were  paid  Rs 100 crores each. This may seem a little  impractical for  Kamal Haasan as he has  just ten minutes  playing-time in the film. But he  has  a lot more playing time in the  sequel,” the source reveals.

So the  stars  have been paid for both Kalki and  its sequel?

 “That’s right. While Kamal Haasan and Prabhas have been paid 100 each, Mr Bachchan has  surprisingly been paid much less: around Rs 35-40  crores. Considering he has always been  a  much bigger star than Kamal Haasan, this pay disparity makes  no sense. Deepika has been paid approximately  around 20 crores while Disha Patani,for her minuscule  role, 12 crores,” the source  reveals.

 The source  also  reveals that approximately 25  percent of the sequel has already been shot.

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