How Prasoon Joshi Lost The Chance To Do PM’s First Apolitical Interview

Have Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his favourite artiste from the entertainment industry Prasoon Joshi decided to take a break from their hugely-rewarding association?

Joshi , it may be recalled, has in the past two years grown into a close creative supporter of the PM and has been seen sharing various very vital public platforms .

It was therefore presumed among the PM’s close coterie of staff members and political associates that Prasoon with his blend of erudition and entertainment would be the ideal candidate to do the PM’s first much-publicized apolitical interview.

However it seems the PM has decided to put Prasoon Joshi’s presence on the non-active mode for now.

Says a source close to the development, “Prasoon is still a favourite at the PMO. And any creative input required for PM’s public appearance , Prasoon is the creative force to tap. But now PM Modi needs achange of image. He can’t be seen hanging around the same creative people who have been nurturing his image. Akshay Kumar is a major step in rectifying the supposed imbalance.”

Sources from ruling party say the “apolitical interview” gambit has worked. And the PM is likely to cite his first “apolitical interview” with Akshay Kumar as the occasion that played up the image of the son of the soil so effectively.

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