Have Hrithik-Akshay Fallen Out Over Anand Kumar Bio-Pic?

Hrithik Roshan and  Akshay Kumar are neighbours—they live in the same building—and friends. But an incident  where the same role was offered to both the actors, nearly drove a wedge  in their friendship,

Says a  source close to both the actors,  “It was really funny because that  bio-pic about mathematician Anand Kumar was being offered to both Akshay and Hrithik at the same time. The film was to be jointly co-produced  Phantom Films and Preeti Sinha.  So  MadhuMantena  of Phantom was negotiating with Hrithik Roshan in one apartment while PreetiSinha would be talking about the same  role to Hrithik on   a different floor of  the same apartment.”

The  one most confused was poor Anand Kumar.

Laughs  the source, “Not being used to the ways  of  show world he’d wonder what all this was  about.Because one producer took him to meet Hrithik while the  other escorted  him toAkshay Kumar.”

Finally with a fall-out between the two producers, the matter was finally resolved.AndHrithik –Akshay had a  good laugh over  it.

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