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Hrithik Escapes  Terror Attack On Istanbul Airport By A Few Hours

On Tuesday night ,it could have been a terribly critical situation for Hrithik Roshan and his two sons who were returning from their vacation at the Serengeti National park in Tanzania via Istanbul.

Says a source close to the star, “Hrithik and the boys had a providential escape from the terror attack on Istanbul’s international airport .They were in transit at the Istanbul airport.They escaped the attack by barely a few hours as they waited for their connecting flight . Luckily they flew out earlier than scheduled.”

When I touched base with Hrithik he and his sons were safe and sound.

Explained Hrithik, “We missed our connecting flight in Instanbul.We were struck at the Istanbul Ataturk  airport.We were supposed to wait for 18 hours for the next flight out. But we preferred to fly economy class and  took an earlier flight out of Istanbul.”

Hrithik  and his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan are now safe but shaken by how close they were to  the crisis that killed many just a few hours later.


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