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Hrithik Roshan Does The Bachchan Baritone For Kaabil

Hrithik Roshan is leaving no stone unturned to ensure his new film Kaabil turns out just so.

Or shall we say, he’s leaving no ‘tone’ unturned, as his character is required to speak in many voices.

Among the many voice personalities that Hrithik assumes he was also required to speak the the Amitabh Bachchan baritone this week.

And Hrithik did it bang-on.

Says a source close to  actor, “When Hrithik did a voice imitation of Bachchan Saab, he was so uncannily close to the original that everyone on the sets assumed the sound designer Resul Pookutty had somehow engineered the miraculous makeover. But it wasHrithik and Hrithik alone doing Bachchan Saab’s signature baritone to near-perfection.”

Interestingly mimicry is one of Hrithik’s hidden talents. Hence when in Kaabil he had to do voice impersonations of some well known personalities Hrithik insisted that his voice won’t  be dubbed by a mimicry artiste.

Says the source, “Sound designer Resul and Hrithik decided to take up the challenge of making Hrithik do the voice impersonations in the superstar’s own voice.And it’s worked wonderfully.”

Hrithik’s character Rohan Bhatnagar in Kaabil is a blind man who lives a normal life in the city much like many others there , and earns by being a dubbing artist . Apart from MrBACHCHAN’s voice , Rohan is seen doing other character voices in the movie as well,  all in Hrithik’s own voice.It’s the first time we will be seeing  something like this on celluloid in a Hindi movie

Says Hrithik, “I guess this is just a reflection of the kind of impact Mr Amitabh Bachchanhas had on my generation ,and ofcourse the fact that hard work equals results. “


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