Hrithik Roshan To Learn Actual Mathematical Theorems!

Will Spend  Time With Aanand Kumar In Patna

When Ben Kingsley immortalized Gandhi  he didn’t get an opportunity to study the  icon firsthand.

But Hrithik Roshan who will play the mathematical genius Anand Kumar  is not letting go  of  the opportunity to play Anand as authentically as  possible. Reliable sources close to the project tell us that  that Hrithik  will spend considerable  time in Anand Kumar’s work place and home  in Patna.

“Hrithik  will take  time off from his other commitments to play Anand Kumar. He will quietly visit Anand in Patna and observe him from close quarters . This will include visits to his home where Hrithik will spend time with Anand’swife and  children .Hrithik will also learn to solve actual theorems  from Anand  , so he will look authentic while teaching and writing in the classroom, ” says the source.

Interestingly Hrithik will hire a  voice coach to to train him in the Bihari sing-song speech.

Says Anand, “I speak  in  a particular way. You may call it a Bihari accent  although there is no language called ‘Bihari’ But yes, Hrithik who is most metropolitan in his bearing and language will unlearn many of his sophisticated manners in the quest to find my personality in his own. We are definitely spending time together.”

Anand who recently won Rs 25 lakhs for his educational funds on Kaun Banega  Crorepati says  the film industry is  filled with the highest caliber of talent. “From Amitabh Bachchan to Hrithik Roshan, the belief that the film industry is not be trusted and that  it’s filled with opportunists and greedy people has been disproven.I feel blessed to know people like Bachchan Saab .”

Incidentally Anand’s appearance on KBC garnered the highest TRPs for the show during the current season.

Sab oopar wale ki dua hai . Now I am looking forward to the bio-pic. I don’t mind Hrithik  singing a song or two when he’s playing me,” chuckles the maths guru.

In the meanwhile director  Vikas  Bahl, mired recently in a sex scandal, has been served a stern warning by his partners at Phantom, the company that  helms Bahl’s bio-pic on mathematician Anand Kumar.

A source  reveals that Vikas was “brought back from the dead. After he was accused of sexual misdemeanour Vikas’s partners Anurag Kashyap, Vikram Motwane  and Madhu Mantena  agreed it was time to take  a break from the partnership .”

But then the opportunity to make a biopic on Anand Kumar(to  be titled Anand, if Hrishikesh Mukerjee’s film of that name doesn’t claim copyrights, or  else  the film may be titled Gannit, meaning Maths) came along.

Says the source, “Vikas got the opportunity on condition that he   mends his philandering ways. There were way too many women friends and too much womanizing. The Aanand Kumar bio-pic is Vikas Bahl’s do-or-die effort to rebuild his crumbled career.”

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