Hrithik Roshan On Why He Came Forward To Help A family In The US

Having means to help and not helping is a sign of an insecure soul.”,

It came as no big surprise to know that Hrithik Roshan came forward with  immediate financial help for an Indian family in the US.

Hrithik came to know about the distressed family which needed funds for the funeral of a deceased member ,through his pal Kunal Kapoor’s involvement with KETTO, a crowd-funding charitable organization. Hrithikimmediately had Rs 5 lakhs transferred to the family’s account.

When  asked about his kind gesture Hrithik reluctantly observed, “It’s not nice to speak about small gestures.All I’ll say is ,the pain of loosing a loved one is unbearable enough.To feel financially incapable of performing the last rites of a deceased loved one, an act  which is cathartic and a means to peace and closure over and above …that is just too unfair.Life can be awfully cruelly to some. If some of us have the means to assuage others’ pain, why not?”

Hrithik is no stranger to philanthropy. A few months ago he quietly  donated Rs 5 lakhs to ‘Habitat India’. In December 2015 he donated Rs 25 lakhs to  the Chennai flood relief.
What makes him come forward repeatedly with financial aid for the needy?

Hrithik ponders for a minute and replies, “Empathy. I wonder why people only help others when something impacts them personally. Having means to help and not helping is a sign of an insecure soul.”

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