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Hrithik Roshan Was Petrified About Singing The National Anthem



Though Hrithik Roshan sang the National Anthem like a breeze at the Pro Kabbaddi League finale, he admits he was very nervous that he might get the pronunciation wrong.

Before Hrithik, the Big B Amitabh Bachchan and more recently Sunny Leone has been pulled up by citizen groups for displeasing them with their rendition of the National Anthem. While Leone was wrapped on the knuckles for wrong pronunciation Mr Bachchan was publicly reprimanded for –beleve it or not—rendering the Nation Anthem at a slower pace than permissible.

Understandably Hrithik approached our National Anthem with utmost caution and a handle-with-care attitude.

Says Hrithik, “I was singing it for days in my head before the event . Just to get used to the pronunciation.”

With more and more Bollywood celebrities getting into trouble  regarding political/national issues there is a growing reluctance among high-profile entertainers to participate in national events.

A socially active actor with a track record of philanthropy has decided to stay away from all national events. “Why should we lend our names and presence to government-sponsored events or even sing the National Anthem when we are repeatedly humiliated and legally chastened for lending our presence to national events?Aamir Khan statement on the growing intolerance in India has returned haunt to him with Defence Minister Manohar Parriker raking up the issue again.Irrfan Khan has been receiving threats when he spoke against certain aspects of organized religion. If we can’t speak on political and national issues without fear of a backlash why should we participate in national events?”


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