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Hrithik Roshan who turns 4​4​ on January 10 Hrithik speaks to Subhash K Jha



What do birthdays mean for you ?

I guess they are special because it gives people a chance to say they love you and gives you a chance to reciprocate that love. It must be celebrated with joy just for that reason.

What is your earliest memory of a birthday ?

Fancy dress parties ! We used to love them! And waking up to new toys!

Now of course your sons must be more excited about your birthday than you are?

My birthdays are special to them because we always do something crazy on my birthday. Although this time I really have to put my imagination to test as all the post-production work for Kaabil threatens to use up my entire day! But I’m sure I will manage something fun.

Having crossed 40 do you agree that life begins at 40?

Life begins whenever you decide to stand up and dance to the ups and downs of the rhythm of life knowing that it’s always going towards a crescendo! But my 40s certainly promise to be the most fun.I plan to live life to the fullest.

What is the one most important lesson that life has taught you?

That magic exists. That you can create a world for yourself with your own two hands as long as you stay curious with a wonder of a child about the next surprise life has to offer . I love it to curious about life and grasp new experiences with both my hands.I love exploring the world with my sons.To me it’s a game. And I love playing it.

Would you want your sons to be actors?

They can be anything they want to be. My only condition is that they must be their best in whatever they choose.

Looking back on the year that was what is the one thing that you d like to change?

ABSOLUTELY nothing! I love my life . God has been very kind to me. Minor irritants do not bother me.

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