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Hrithik Roshan’s Ex-Wife Moves Into The Roshans’ Home For Lockdown



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 In a  twist of fate, if you like, Hrithik Roshan’s estranged and  divorced wife Sussanne  has moved  back into  her husband’s home for parenting  purposes  during the current Corona lockdown.

A  friend  of the couples says, “I think it’s very sweet  of  Sussanne to get together with  Duggu( Hrithik Roshan ) for their sons’ sake.  Normally the boys divide  the time between their father and mother. But given the current situation the children  had to choose between  their two parents.Or, ask them to move  in together until the Corona crisis blew over.”

Sources  say,   it was  the  boys  who  devised this  ingenious plan. In a plan straight  out  of  the films Parent Trap and  Do Kaliyan , the two children seem to have planned to bring their  parents together.

“It  was  Hrehaan and Hridhaan who  suggested that  their mom move in with their dad for now.Who knows, this  could lead  to further developments in the  fractured  relationship  of  the couple?” suggests  the  common friend .

However  those who know Sussanne  will vouch for her resolve. “Once she made up her mind to leave  her husband it  was permanent.It took her a long time to make the break. Now , nothing will make her change her mind. Anything  for the children, though.”

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