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Hrithik’s Sister Is Doing Fine But Needs To Resolve Family Issues



 There were  reports in a  section of  the media  regarding Hrithik’s sister Sunaina’s failing health. Now  they’ve  debunked  by  the lady herself, as she claims to be  in  good health.

 However  sources  close  to Roshan family reveal  the daughter  of the Roshan family doesn’t quite  fit in.

“Sunaina has complex issues  with her  family.  There are unresolved tensions with her  family that  need to be addressed. Unfortunately Sunaina’s father Rakeshji is  in  no mood  to accommodate  his daughter’s  stress  into his line of  conversation. He just refuses  to discuss  his daughter’s problems, ” a friend  of  the Roshan family.

 This lack of communication with her father has  further incensed  Sunaina and this stress is the main reason for her troubled health.

We   hope Sunaina is  able to sit down with her parents and star-brother Hrithik  Roshan(who it is said, has little  inclination  to help his sister with her  problems)  and resolve  her troubles before it’s  too late.

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