Huge Embarrassment For Vicky Kaushal

The sense of shock and dismay grows  in  the Indian entertainment industry as  the latest  to be called out for sexual harassment is the reputed  action director Sham Kaushal who happens to be the  father of  the  rising star-actor Vicky Kaushal.

Sham Kaushal has been closely associated with Bollywood for  over 4 decades. Most  of the high-profile actors  I spoke to  refused to believe  the charge.

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Said one actor, “I’ve worked with Shamji in  many films. There has never been  any murmur  about him.See, someone  likeSubhash  Ghai or  Sajid Khan…everyone knew about it. But     this(the allegation against Sham Kaushal) is  like  a bolt from the blue.I don’t think  it is true.”

A sense  of  disbelief  runs through the  industry regarding this latest allegation.

No one has so far stood up to defend Sham Kaushal’s reputation. But his actor-sons  Vicky and Sunny are  expected  to speak up soon.

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