Hurt Over Latest Attack, Kapil Sharma Cancels Show Launch

It’s said that those who make others laugh are often very sad people. Kapil Sharma who has brought more laughter into Indian homes than anyone else, proves it.

 Deeply vulnerable and sensitive and prone to get hurt easily, Kapil Sharma has repeatedly suffered massive setbacks in his career for the past year, due to his extra-sensitive nature.

The  latest acrimonious exchange of  embittered tweets with his  former  colleague Sunil Grover two days ago has  again taken a toll on  Kapil’s emotional equilibrium.Barely 48 hours after the heated exchange of  accusations with Grover,  Kapil cancelled the launch event for his  new show Family Time  With Kapil on  Tuesday morning, leaving the show’s producers and parent-channel Sony Entertainment  a wee embarrassed  though not irreversibly upset with the comic virtuoso.

A source associated with the show said, “Kapil was unable to make an appearance on Tuesday for his show’s launch. We are given to understand he  is upset  over certain developments in  the last  few days. But we are sure he will be up and  about in no time at all.”
Sony Entertainment expects Family Time With Kapil  to be their most successful non-fiction show in recent years.

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