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I am ever thankful for Shah Rukh Khan’s support: Sunny Leone



Sunny Leone  is just back from her brother’s wedding,to her item song in Raees blaring everywhere. Sizzling hot Leone looks back on the year that was

Your item song in Raees is already a rage after the release of the film’s trailer. How do you see this opportunity to work with Shah Rukh Khan?

I am ever thankful for Mr Shah Rukh Khan’s support and willingness to work with me. He’s made me believe that anything is possible. If I can get there then anyone who believes and works hard can achieve so much. He is one person that can change the course of my career here and I believe it will change things.

You’ve just attended your brother’s wedding? Happy?

It was an amazing experience. It was a very small intimate wedding and just the way I would have wanted it. Every single person who attended were very close to us and the bride and groom. The way it should be in my opinion. We all missed my parents that day and tried very hard to make sure my brother Sundeep felt just as much love. We had our parents photograph with us.

To be  chosen among BBC’s most influential women….what were your thoughts when you heard of this honour?

To be honest ,I didn’t really know what it meant until I did some research. I feel very honored to be alongside some amazing women.

To be featured alongside Karima  Baloch,Neha Singh and others…does this put a social responsibility on  your personality?

I have always tried to remain who I am which is why I believe one of the reasons I was chosen to be on this list. I believe in trying at all times to be a good human being and following my own dreams without hurting anyone.

Your journey has been hugely motivational for girls and women who aspire to fame but don’t know how to get there. How do you see  your journey?

My journey has not been easy but I have a great team and a wonderful husband who has supported me. I believe in persistence and professionalism. I might not be the best actor or dancer but I try my best and work hard.

In 2016 you were subjected to a certain amount of intrusive scrutiny about your past. Did the BBC’s honour come as a reassuring endorsement of  your progress as a  professional and a human being?

Yes, a lot of journalist have not been nice. At my cost to boost themselves and their career. But I believe in karma and it always comes back around. I don’t care what they write or say I know who I am and what my goals are and no one can take that away from me.

The BBC honour apart how do you view the year that was for you?

My year as always has been full of ups and downs. But I think more ups then down.

Your Bollywood  film  as a leading lady have not done that well at the boxoffice. Does that put a brake on your plans?

Absolutely not. I will continue to be the Bollywood girl, come what may.

What  are your plans for 2017?

Just to keep working.

If you had to change anything in your life,what would it be?

Nothing. I love my life. Well maybe one thing I would like to change at least for a week… that I could eat pizzas and not gain weight (laughs)


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