“I Am Fine Now,” Manoj Bajpai Overcomes Health Scare

A  recurrent headache landed Manoj Bajpai in the hospital this week .

And speculation about his health went wild.It was said that the shooting of his current film  Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary had to be cancelled because of Manoj’s health scare.

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However when I caught up with the Aligarh actor he was out of danger…and out of hospital on the way to the shooting of Aiyaary.

“I am  fine, just fine. Yes, I did get myself checked into the hospital after recurrent headaches. My  doctor advised me  not to ignore it. Umr bhi toh abb ho rahi hai(I am getting along now). I am 48. I have to be careful about my health. My doctor told me not to ignore the headaches,” says Manoj who after intense medical investigation was declared disease-free.

Heaving a sigh of relief Manoj says, “I realize  how important  it is to be healthy. After a scare like this you get to value your health even more.”

On Thursday afternoon Manoj flew  out of Mumbai to London for a long spell of shooting of Aiyaary with Siddharth Malhotra.

Aiyaary ki taiyaaree ho chuki hai,” chuckled the relieved actor. “I don’t know how the news of my hospitalization  got out. But it’s all well now. I am  in flight about to take off for London for the next schedule of Aiyaary . My wife and daughter are accompanying me.We are hoping to  have a good time while I work.”

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