I am not a reformer: Vikram Bhatt on KRK


Vikram Bhatt Speaks To Subhash K Jha On Why Kamaal R Khan(KRK) Has Been Forgiven For His Uncouth Disrespectful Comments On Bollywood Actresses

What made you accept KRK’s apology?
The very fact that he apologized.

Are we to presume the legal action against this repeat offender  is off?
I think it takes a lot of courage for someone to apologize in the public space and he did that

But what makes you think he can be trusted ?

I am not a reformer. He abused me, I protested, he apologized.End of story

But wasn’t this battle not just about you?
Oh, but he did apologize to everyone in the fraternity.Haven’t you read his ‘sorry’ tweet?

He has been abusing actresses and it seemed you had decided to get him off Twitter
I have sent all his tweets and everything he has said to Twitter. It is now for Twitter to decide

The general opinion in the film industry  is he decided to say sorry to wriggle out of court?
The general opinion never fought this battle with me.I fought his alone without anyone, so I the general opinion I can’t care about.

Yes I noticed no one spoke up not even the actresses he had abused did that bother you ?

No ,it did not


If they could speak up ,they would have much earlier.As I said not everybody was ready for the mud wrestle

Isn’t this the attitude of quiet acceptance of misogynous behaviour that encourages crime against women?

That would be a careless way to put it. Also I think that is a very different discussion.I think  Twitter insults are epidemic.Why just Kamaal R Khan?Everyone talks shit on twitter.It’s called troll immunization.Unhappy people make others unhappy

Should there be stricter laws against online abuse?
It will never happen.

Most people use aliases on Twitter to abuse.You will never know who this ‘Babykrk’ is ,for instance . Trolls can never be caught out to be punished.They could be anywhere

On a personal note your daughter must be proud of her  Papa the crusader?
I heard her telling her friends, “Don’t mess with me ,my papa is a fighter and will fight for me!”.

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