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“I Am So Glad Taimur & Inaaya have Each Other,” Says Sharmila Tagore About Her 2 Grandchildren



Sharmila Tagore became a grandmother twice-over within a year with both son Saif and daughter Soha becoming proud parents.

Sharmila feels the family is complete. “Saif’s son Taimur is 1 and my daughter Soha’s little daughter Inaaya was born recently. So it feels like a complete family. I don’t think Taimur or Inaaya would have a direct sibling any time soon. So I am glad they’ve each other.”

The iconic actress admits she doesn’t get to spend much time with her grandchildren. “They’re in Mumbai. I am here in Delhi.I’d definitely like to see more of my children and grandchildren. But they’ve their commitments and I have mine.But I was in Mumbai for my daughter Soha’s book release. The whole family including Kareena was there for her and that felt good.”

Saif and Kareena’s little son Taimur turns 1 on December 20 and grandma Sharmila says there won’t be a big birthday bash. “He’s too young to understand let alone appreciate large gatherings.So it will just be the family this birthday for Taimur. Kareena’s parents Babitaji and Randhirji, hersister Karisma, besides Saif ,me and the girls(daughters Saba and Soha). I think it’s important for a child to do what he or she is comfortable with and not what we want for them.”

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