I & B Ministry To Order Hindi Subtitles For All Non-Hindi Films ​…​South Up In Arms

Plans are afoot to  make Hindi subtitles mandatory for all non-Hindi films,in every language from India and aboad. The  NFDC which at one time subtitled all the regional-language films , has been galvanized into action again to  give a Hindi spin to every yarn that hits the Indian silver screen.

The decision to add Hindi subtitles to all non-Hindi films, Indian and international, has predictably incensed the Southern film industry.

Apparently the Southern film industry is up in arms against  the proposed plan to subtitle all films released in India in the Hindi language.

Says  a prominent actor-filmmaker from the Southern film industry, “Imposition of Hindi on the Southern states has always caused grievous emotional and cultural damage to people in the South.Not everyone who is Indian speaks or understands Hindi.”



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