“I Am better Now,” Says Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma’s health took a minor dive  earlier this week when he was rushed from the sets of the Kapil Sharma Show to the hospital after complaining of uneasiness.

However Kapil’s fans would be relieved to know he is recovering well

On Friday morning when I  inquired about his health Kapil responded, “I am feeling better now. Thank you for your concern.”

Kapil’s colleague Kiku Sharda explained to me the problem with Kapil’s health. “He had high blood pressure and he suffered from a low sugar level. He  is okay now.”

Sources from the show reveal that Kapil’s health has been a matter of concern for the past few months.

“He has been tense and anxious ever since the  controversy over his mid-air fight with Sunil Grover broke out. Sunil’s departure from the show was more a personal than a professional blow, Kapil  told us he never expected things would come to  such a head. He has a tendency to  lose his temper. But he  becomes okay in just a while. We’re all used to it. It’s not condoning bad behaviour. It’s accepting those close to you with all their blemishes.Kapil never thought  Sunil would walk out,” says the source.

Efforts to bring about a rapprochement are  still on. Kapil’s hospitalization could be that uninvited  thawing  point everyone was looking for.

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