I do not care about repeating a genre: Radhika Apte


Ever since the first look and trailer of Bollywood ’s first-of-its-kind kind psychological thriller Phobia featuring Radhika Apte has been launched, the movie has garnered good buzz and made all the right noises and has piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Radhika Apte who has always been applauded for her performance be it in ‘Hunter’, ‘Shor In The City’, ‘Manjhi: The Mountain Man’ or for her short films like ‘Ahalya’ is all set to prove her acting prowess with her upcoming film ‘Phobia’ as an Agrophobiac. While talking about the film, she said “the film isn’t scary but is entertaining“.

The film besides dealing with a kind of Phobia called Agrophobia where the person fears of wide and open spaces also uses ‘Virtual Reality’ technology.

Radhika Apte will be playing a role of  painter who is independent and liberal whose personality completely changes after an incident in her life and then suffers from Agrophobia. ‘I did a lot of research and watched so many videos on you tube of the panic attack. I spoke to psychologists and so many doctors to know how their patients react and behave’ quoted Radhika.

‘I will soon be announcing a horror comedy’ said Pawan Kirpalani, director of the film

.When asked about casting Radhika for his film, he said ” I wanted to cast someone who is strong and could act naturally without dramatizing it much and there can’t be a better actress than her. She is just perfect for the role as if the film and the topic was made for her only’

when asked if she will do the same kind of films in future as well, Radhika said ‘I do not care about repeating a genre as long as the character is influencing’


Directed by Ragini MMS director, Pawan Kirpalani, the film is produced under the banner of Eros International and will be released on 27th May, 2016.

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