“I Don’t Look Like Hrithik At All,” Anand Kumar Can’t Wait For Bio-Pic To Be Out”

Mathematical maestro Anand Kumar from Bihar would not be present for the post-release of Super 30 the film based on his life and teachings.

Says Anand, “The poster was released on Teacher’s day. And I had to be with my students in Patna on that day. So I couldn’t attend the poster release. However, I’ll be promoting the film with Hrithik Roshan when it is ready for release. I may also ask some of my students to join in the promotion. I am what I am because of my students.”

When asked about the catchline Anand Kumar said, “We thought about the line about the raja ka beta long before the film started shooting. The writers thought this line serves the film’s purpose. My entire endeavour in life is to educate poor students and equip them with the knowledge that would empower them against poverty.”

Anand says he is delighted with the way the film Super 30 has shaped up. “The film would definitely encourage promising students to aspire to go into teaching. I don’t know why the teaching profession has lost its aura and power. Perhaps the teachers themselves are to blame for this loss of credibility. I am hoping this film will revive the respectability of teachers as gurus who are the architects of our future.”

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Anand is very happy with Hrithik’s performance. “I don’t look like anything like Hrithik Roshan. He looks like a Greek God. But to see him play me is a very big thing for someone like me who comes from a background where film stars belong to a dream world.”

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