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I don’t pick and choose actors: Nivin Pauly



Nivin Pauly

Malayalam Star-Actor  Nivin Pauly Speaks To Subhash  K Jha On His New Absurdist Comedy

In  Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham  (KKK)  you are surrounded with sparkling comic talent .How did you pick your co actors for this project?

don’t pick and choose actors. At Pauly Jr Pictures we work differently. I always believe that the cinema is a director’s vision and he is the captain of the ship. So I give that sense of freedom to all the directors and they have every right to choose which actor to cast because they are the best judge to do that.

I have seen you equally adept at both comic and serious roles. Which do you enjoy more,and why?

I enjoy both and it’s all about how well I adapt to the script.

Malayalam cinema is going through an interesting phase of renaissance. Where do you see yourself in this movement?

I am also keenly looking at this phase to see where our industry is heading to. I am currently discussing few projects and looking at exciting content too. We cannot call this stage as a renaissance. Malayalam cinema had always gone through what you call the renaissance period. Now we are moving through a challenging period especially bringing the crowd back to cinemas.

Tell me about your forthcoming projects?

Thuramukham, Padavettu are waiting for its release, Gangster of Mundanmala and Tharam are in the pipeline.

Interestingly your cinema is not overtly political.Isn’t that unusual in Malayalam cinema?

There is nothing unusual about it. I always look at a good content and that remains my first priority as an actor.

Finally how do you see the future of Malayalam cinema and your place in it?

With cinemas reopened, and movies back in big screens, it’s a great relief not just for actors but for hundreds of people who are working in the industry. With OTT platforms, there is now a lot of space for filmmakers to showcase their projects. I see a bright future for Malayalam cinema.

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