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I Had To Let The World Know Hrithik Is Not To Blame: Adhyayan Suman


I Had To Let The World Know Hrithik Is Not To Blame,” Adhyayan Suman Explains Why He Revealed The Sordid Details Of His Abusive Relationship With Kangana Ranaut

Ever since his explosive revelations against Kangana Ranaut came out on Thursdaymorning Adhyanan Suman has been inundated by calls and messages.

“Most of them congratulated me for speaking out. Some, however, saw me as a publicity seeker. Let them. It doesn’t bother me. I had to say what I had to say because another human being was going through pain that he did not invite himself,” says Adhyayanreferring of course to Hrithik Roshan, the star caught in a Kangana-centric constellation of accusations and counter-accusations.

Adhyayan gives Hrithik a clean chit, and reveals Kangana was besotted by the Roshan star from the time they did Kites together. “Even before my relationship with Kangana I was aware of her infatuation for Hrithik Roshan because Hrithik’s mother (Pinky Roshan) is my mother’s friend.”

Adhayan talks of Kangana’s growing infatuation for Hrithik while they were shooting inLas Vegas for Kites.

“She was giving him way more attention than healthy or warranted.As her boyfriend it made uncomfortable, ” says Adhayayan.

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Then on Valentine’s Day while uploading telephone numbers on the new cellphone that he had gifted Kangana, Adhayayan discovered “at least 70” messages from Kangana To Hrithik.

Adhyayan feels it is important for people to know that it is not just the woman who’s prone to be in an abusive relationship. That the man too can be at the receiving end.

“I was abused verbally and physically. When she was emotionally overwrought—which was quite frequently—her three favourite start-up words for diatribes against me were ‘ch.tiya’, ‘behenc..d’ and ‘ma…ch..d’.”

He recalls a party at Hrithik Roshan’s residence where Kangana accused  an actor of grabbing her posterior. On the way down four flights of stairs Adhyayan was abused. “She slapped me hard because according to her I didn’t grab the actor who had grabbed her ass.Imagine,me  a newcomer creating a scene! For not doing so I was slapped. I was stunned and teary-eyed with all the guests and media persons going up and down. It was humiliating and hurtful. I went through such abuse many times over. Not just me,my father was also abused repeatedly. I want people to know that men often suffer abuse in a relationship. But their pain is not taken seriously.”

Adhayan says he rang up Aditya Pancholi, with him Kangana allegedly had a relationship on reaching Mumbai to become an actress.

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“I rang him up this week and apologized for not listening to him when he had warned me against her. If only I had listened to him. But I was under her spell. Now having spoken about it I’ve finally exorcized all the demons of the murky relationship,” sighs Adhyayan.

For those who feel he is doing this for publicity Adhyayan has only a shrug of indifference to offer. “Let them think what they want. Only I know what my parents and I went through. My career was destroyed. I am ready for a second innings.In fact I am all set to direct and act in a film that will be shot extensively in the US. But this is not the time to talk about that.”

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