I never compromise on my work: Anil Kapoor

As the ageless Anil Kapoor turns a year older on December 24 he shares some beauty tips with his fans friends and admirers and also his future plans on this warm chat with Subhash K Jha

Anil, aapke khubsooratika kya raaz hai?

Ha ha, I don’t think I’ve done anything special to look the way I do. It’s just self-discipline. When I was younger my co-stars would make fun of me for  not having enough fun after shooting. But I don’t think it’s important to party till the wee hours to be happy in life. I was very happy shooting and spending time with my family,I  still am. I guess that inner peace shows on my face. I never compromise on my work.

Are you saying you never let your hair down?

Of course I set aside days when I just throw all caution to the winds, take a holiday, eat the forbidden food—with my wife’s permission—just chill. But there have been times when during a party at home I am suddenly found to be missing because I’ve an early-morning shooting. ‘Kahaan hai , Anil?…He’s gone to sleep.’ When I am working I  never compromise on my sleeping hours and food habits.

You sound like a health freak?

I am not fanatical about my health. Somewhere, I also feel I am blessed because I come from  a healthy stock. My Dad and my grandfather were not actors and yet they looked after themselves and lived a full life.

But Boney and his son Ajun were overweight and so was Sonam?

That was because they didn’t look after themselves earlier. I always believed that one has to look one’s best if one is an actor because audiences pay money to watch one’s movies. But I was never into muscle-building. Only fitness. If you are fit you feel good about yourself. Also it’s important to maintain a  positivity in your mindset. Never get into a negative line of thinking. And you must always have something to look forward to every morning. In my 35 years’ career I’ve always had something to look forward to .Motivation is life, frustration is death.

You sound too good to be true?

I must be good, na? I can’t fake it for so many years.

So how does it feel to be a year older?

I don’t believe in celebrating my birthday. Not with cakes and singing, etc. Since my birthday falls a day before Christmas I celebrate Christmas instead of my birthday.

Why the coyness about your birthday?

Not coy. But I still cringe when I think of all those birthday parties on the sets where everyone would stand around singing . It  was so embarrassing.

Are you happy with your daughter Sonam’s progress?

Very much so. Sonam has come into her own.She has found her niche. But she still has a long way to go. She has that hunger in her to excel that I did. That’s what keeps every creative artiste going.Sonam is looking very happy dancing to her songs.

Your thoughts on the year?

I’ve great plans for 2017. I’ve already planned many things for the next three years.

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