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I Next Want To Crack The Tamil Film Industry: Nag Chaitanya



“My Uncle Venkatesh Helped Me Choose Yuddhan Sharanam,” 

The last  few years have been very kind to Nag Chaitanya’s career. He is now looking excitedly at the release of his next Telugu film Yudham Sharanam which true to its title is an actioner.

“Not just an action film,” corrects Chiatnya Nag gently, “But also a thriller.It’s very youth-centric. I play a college drop-out who is in the job of making drones.”

Nag Chaitanya who started his career in 2009 with Josh, feels Yuddhah Sharanam is his most youth-oriented film to date.

“It was designed that way. We worked on several drafts of the script until we felt it sounded right for youngsters. Initially when the script came to me I  liked it immediately. But I felt we needed to work more on  it,” says Chaitanya whose father the legendary Nagarujana has always been  of great help in choosing his scripts.

Not this time, though.

Reveals Chaitanya, “This script was recommended to me by my uncle Venkatesh. A lot of other opinion that matter were also applied to the script.”

He is been going through a very favourable phase in his career. “My last few films have been  successful.And I feel I’ve come to understand what suits me and what doesn’t suit me  after some initial setbacks. I believe failures are very important in any person’s growth. I’ve learnt what not to do from my failures.”

The  one thing that Chaitanya has decided is to venture into Tamil cinema. “I’d like to explore that area with my next film, though no Hindi cinema for now.”

Chaitanya feels Baahubali has opened up doors for Telugu cinema. “We are looked at with renewed interest.I feel it’s time for Telugu cinema to make its presence felt.”

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