I Am Not Making “Biwi No 1” David Dhawan Clears The Air

David Dawan has no immediate  plans of doing any film right now, with  or without his son. He cuts down rumours that he is re-making his own film Biwi No 1 with  Varun  in  the lead.

Chuckles David, “Good that  people are speculating about what we will do next.We haven’t thought  about it yet. Right now we’re in the holiday mood. Let the new year begin and then we’ll think  of  what  to do next. I know it is a convenient formula to  do remakes and  sequels. But we may surprise  everyone  by doing an entirely original  film this time.”

 David makes it clear that only his son Varun can persuade him to direct another movie. “I’ve directed 45 films in  41 years.And before we forget I was a film editor before a director for  7-8 years. I’ve nothing left to prove. Some critics say I haven’t changed my formula  for 40 years.Why should I? When it’s working fine…I am proud of what I’ve achieved in 40 years. But I am even prouder of what my sons Rohit and Varun have achieved in just 4-5 years.”

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