“I Am In Pain But I Have To Get Back To Promoting My Film,” Rajkummar Rao On his Broken Leg

‘Breaking’ news. On Sunday afternoon  while shooting for a reality show hosted by Farah Khan, Rajkummar Rao  broke his ankle.He now needs to undergo surgery  on Tuesday.

Speaking from his home where he was being looked after by friends and family Raj was all laughs and lies while wincing in  pain. “I was  doing some  very complicated martial arts steps on  the show Lip Sync  Battle when I landed  on my feet with a crack that I could hear.  Yes, it was very painful and I had to be taken to the hospital immediately. Now I am on painkillers and  at  home.This  is  God’s way of telling me to slow down. This year I was going really fast. I’ve already had  5 releases and there’s one  more—Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana—coming up. I guess someone  took the ‘break a leg’  wish too seriously.”

Raj faces a  crisis  of  time management. “The most immediately affected would be Fanney Khan which I’m shooting. But I will be  back to promoting  and shooting in a  couple  of days. In fact on Tuesday I will be doing some promotional  interviews  for my new film before the surgery. I have to keep working and I am sure I can do all my work as long as I don’t have strain my legs.”

Raj has two fractures  in his ankle. “But I am able to laugh  about it. One can’t take the setbacks  to heart.One can’t allow destiny to depress you.”

Raj has just returned from the Busan Film Festival to attend the Mumbai Film Festival where  his new film Omerta was shown. “We’ve so far shown it at three festivals. Everywhere the response  was  tremendous. This is one of the most productive times  of my life. It’s  a pity I’ve to slow down because  of  the injury. But I will make  sure  I continue to do all my normal work. In the meanwhile I intend make the best of this break. I will be watching all the films that I’ve missed recently.”

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